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Altering states of consciousness and translating folkloric traditions to the contemporary dancefloor, Uji’s synthesis of South American folk music with electronic and house underpinnings create sonic alchemy—amplifying a diverse lineage of sounds and showcasing a spectrum of histories, cultures and movements held together by a single, unifying beat.

Born in Buenos Aires, Maurette roved through the American continents as a youth, jumping between Chile, Ecuador, and the USA, absorbing influence from field recordings of rivers and birds, African-rooted music, and the aesthetic and sound design of contemporary clubs. Maurette synthesized those passions together at Boston’s Berklee School of Music, where a degree in programming and sound design connected him to Colombian musician Alejandra Ortiz. Together, they would go on to form a decade-long bond as Lulacruza—with Ortiz’s Andean charango instrument backed by Maurette's processing and sequencing they toured 50 cities in 5 countries, before both members pursued their own individual projects in late 2017. For Maurette, that passion project turned out Uji, situated at the intersection of modern and ancient themes—blending ritualistic influences with warm, immersive electronic music. Labels like ZZK Records and contemporaries like collaborator Nicola Cruz took notice. Maurette's devotion to what he calls the "ancestral voice" led to a collaboration with visual artist Vincent Moon where Maurette provided the spirited soundtrack to footage of religious ceremonies taken from across the world.

Live on the outdoor stage at MUTEK, Uji emphasizes the multi-directional possibilities encapsulated in movement, including those where the performer feels as if he's leaving his body to inhabit a different time and place, while also offering a transcendence to audiences that can last long after the set is over.


Buenos-Aires born producer and DJ Luis Maurette, formerly half of Lulacruza


Multi Culti, Jumpsuit Records, Chaco World Music


Alborada (2018)


Maurette served as a guest professor at a retreat in Bali, delivering a week-long holistic masterclass in music production

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