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Magdalena MolinariAR

Magdalena Molinari<sup>AR</sup>
Magdalena Molinari

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Combining electronics, programming, light, color and video, his works explore the encounter between control systems and spatial devices and materials to create walkable lighting installations generating experiences of "pure visuality", omitting the identification or association with the known. He is currently working on his master's thesis project, developing works that analyze natural lighting situations to generate lighting installations, relating spatial organizations with chromatic data and electronic circuits.

Abstractive Device: Solar Cycle The apparent movements of the sun around the earth, and the gradients of colored light that unfold in the sky, are phenomena that become so indisputably beautiful crystallized images, inaccessible clichés, difficult to be analyzed. To transform them into materials capable of autonomizing and overcoming the phenomenon from which they arise, transcending such a daze of the senses, sunlight and its refraction in the atmosphere, it is analyzed as a series of chromatic data that, distributed in a matrix, can be organized and transformed.

Abstractive Device: Solar Cycle creates an artificial light gradient from the color analysis of a simulation of the Earth's atmosphere seen from a specific place and time of year. The light variations are divided into eight light emitting bars that project all the changes, from the color spectrum of the daytime sky, in a condensed time of three minutes. The separation between the bars, materializes a discontinuous screen, which stresses two forms of gradients, one of the set, fragmented and horizontal, and another in each of the bars, vertical and continuous. Both forms vary in time almost imperceptibly.

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