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Inspired by his nomadic upbringing throughout the Americas, for the past 17 years he has been delving into ancestral South American traditions as an ethnomusicologist and documentarian. He has been an electronic musician since 2000, standing out as part of the pioneering duo of digital folk Lulacruza (2005-2016). On his acclaimed solo debut album, Alborada (ZZK 2018), and on the EP Marimbas del Guapi (2020), Uji has deepened his exploration of the evolution of folklore: ancient regional customs in dialogue with our modern times and rituals.

His powerful and energetic live performances have taken him on extensive tours of Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America playing prestigious festivals such as ADE in Amsterdam and MUTEK Montreal.

Uji's set, exclusively designed for MUTEK ES+AR 2021, previewed songs from his upcoming album TIMEBEING. An evolutionary leap from his previous work Alborada, in TIMEBEING the music expresses the human need for ritual, movement and dance, the need for connection with an invisible plane, with that which surpasses and transcends us. Uji shows us how these needs have existed since time immemorial and will continue to exist as long as we are alive. The technology of trance as a key to understand and survive. Visually, the show is a prototype (made for streaming), which will accompany the launch of this work.

Visuals: Mati Bianchi
Lighting: Pilar Zilberberg
Video Tracking: Bruno Pastor Conde and Ignacio Gioia
Stage Direction: Dorzong Fernandez Evans


Multi Culti, Jumpsuit Records, Chaco World Music, Mesa Recordings, Aya Records, Shika Shika


Alborada (2018)
Marimbas del Guapi EP (2020)


Maurette served as a guest professor at a retreat in Bali, delivering a week-long holistic masterclass in music production