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PANEL 3 - Mental, emotional and physical healthES

PANEL 3 - Mental, emotional and physical health<sup>ES</sup>
PANEL 3 - Mental, emotional and physical health

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PANEL 3: 'Mental, emotional and physical health, for a conscious balance.'

If we all had a guide to ourselves, we could manage our inner chaos in a more coherent way; and consequently we would live the present in a more balanced and conscious way. Focusing both on artists and other professionals in the cultural field, in this panel we will focus on (self-)knowledge and the benefits of taking care of our mental health through psychology; of our nutrition through holistic health; and of our personality through psychology and neuroscience as a tool capable of making us understand that we are unique beings, free from gender stereotypes.


Rosana Corbacho - Founder of M.I Therapy; she is a psychologist specialized in the music industry with a great passion for the treatment and improvement of the mental health of professionals in the sector.

Eva Gonzalo - Founder of Cooking my Life; she is linked to the world of performing arts since she was a child. She danced with the Spanish National Ballet for 6 years. After an injury, she carried out a professional mutation towards two aspects, so necessarily united, production and cultural management, and on the other hand, nutrition and holistic health advice.

Mara Aznar - Founder of DiveUp ; she is a psychologist, an expert in psychopathology and personality neuroscience; DiveUp is a project created to bring neuroscience closer to people, offering the opportunity to discover who they are through the knowledge of their brain. She will also talk about "neurofeminism", a current that begins to unseat the theories about brain structures that separate us by gender; stereotypes are built and are fixed in our minds and are determinants in the way we behave and how, of course, the patriarchy has harmed women.