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Original Hamster vs. Nego MoçambiqueCL

Original Hamster vs. Nego Moçambique<sup>CL</sup>
Original Hamster vs. Nego Moçambique

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It’s been five years since Vicente Sanfuentes, the man behind Original Hamster, made his North American live debut at MUTEK 2004, and in that time his international reputation has been steadily on the rise.

A prolific figure on the Chilean electronic music scene since the early part of this decade, Sanfuentes’ first big break came courtesy of San Francisco mash-up raver kid606, who signed Original Hamster to his Tigerbeat6 label. Like kid606, Original Hamster starts with a basis of techno and grinds it down with a smorgasbord of popular music that come in at spontaneous angles, in effect consistently keeping listeners on their toes. When not at work as the Hamster, Sanfuentes is busy building hip-hop offshoots as a member of the Hermanos Brothers and as a collaborator with Atom Heart in the cheeky reggaeton duo Surtek Collective.

At this year’s MUTEK, Sanfuentes will be pairing up Brazil’s Nego Moçambique for what is bound to be a freewheeling set of baile funk infused with the latest cocktail of rhythms from around the world.

The sonic universe of Nego Moçambique is situated where the confluence of breakbeats, house, hip-hop, funk, techno, electro, and Brazilian music occurs.

Drawing their richness from within the diversity of their references and their influences, reserving a place of choice for rhythms and micro-details, his compositions are the product of a fusion of all these elements into one single genre with the Brazilian accent, as he likes to reveal. Without ever falling into the clichés of the tourists' macumba or the minimalisms of Funk carioca, this Brazilian performance promises a window to warmth and escape.


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