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Kathy HindeUK

Kathy Hinde<sup>UK</sup>
Kathy Hinde

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Ever-changing and generative, Kathy Hinde's audiovisual creations echo phenomena found in the natural world to explore the relationship of people with other species, each other and the earth’s systems. Her abstracted soundscapes and generative art, whether in public outdoor spaces or galleries, uses technology to express those relationships, reflecting on and raising awareness of our everyday world, and involving the audience in a consistently unique creative process.

Hinde's work represents a cross between kinetic sound sculptures and newly invented musical instruments—composed of broken instruments, hacked electronics and a blend of digital and analog systems, they can be played live in countless ways. In constructing her pieces, she draws systems, models, and data from animal behaviours, biodiversity and dynamic ecosystems (with a nod to philosophies of Ecosophy and Deep Ecology) and often employs open scores and chance procedures as she composes. The animal and the elemental have all figured into a busy practice of installation and performance works: birds, water, bogs and ecosystems come alive through bespoke software, objects and inquisitive forms of media. Among Hinde's recent collaborations, she's played in electronic music trio Powerplant, worked with composer Maja S.K. Ratkje and musician Andreas Borregaard on Aeolian (a hybrid piece involving invented air-activated instruments within an acoustic ensemble). Hinde has shown her work extensively around the world and received a number of awards including an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica, a British Composer Award in Sonic Art and an ORAM award in 2017.

Appears as part of AMPLIFY D.A.I

AMPLIFY D.A.I is an initiative of the British Council in partnership with MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Buenos Aires and Somerset House Studios in the UK. The programme is supported by Canada Council for the Arts and Fundación Williams.


Bristol-based audiovisual installation and performance artist Kathy Hinde


Chirp&Drift installation (2018); ORNIS: Scattering Layer performance (2018); Phase Transition installation (2017).


Hinde was an artist for the 2018 European SHAPE Platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, has been a Cryptic Artist since 2015 and is a member of the Bristol Experimental Expanded Film collective.