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Orphx & DiagrafCA

Orphx & Diagraf<sup>CA</sup>
Orphx & Diagraf

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Orphx have been creating their unique fusion of rhythm and noise for almost thirty years, combining the propulsive hypnosis of techno and electro with the experimental techniques and critical themes of industrial music. They have been working across and between different genres and music scenes over the last three decades, moving from audio/visual noisescapes in local clubs and art galleries during the 1990s to shoestring tours across Europe and on to the last decade of performances at techno clubs, festivals, and underground dance events around the world.

With a filmmaker's perspective on visual thematics and narrative, Diagraf combines minimalist aesthetics and complex evolutive graphics with emotive cinematic content. Keenly tuned in to the sounds of the musicians and producers he works alongside, Diagraf often creates new content inspired by their music, working much like a filmmaker in reverse as he edits his images live while the musical performance unfolds.


The trio composed of Orphx duo, Toronto-based musicians Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey, and Montréal artist, VJ, DJ, designer and producer Patrick Trudeau, aka Diagraf


As Your Skies Are Fading Away, w/ Kareem (Zhark Recordings, 2022)
Primordial State (Live Archive 1994​-​1995) (Ekstasis, 2021)