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Ela Minus<sup>CO</sup>
Ela Minus

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Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Ela Minus is a distinguished figure in the realm of electronic music, celebrated for her integration of jazz-influenced drumming and deep synthesis knowledge into her productions. A graduate from Berklee College of Music, Ela's academic roots in jazz drums and music synthesis have profoundly shaped her artistic output, with her expertise in designing and assembling synthesizers playing a critical role in her sound.
Ela Minus's debut album, acts of rebellion, stands out for its exclusively analog creation process using synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, and samplers. This album encapsulates her unique blend of musical mastery, DIY ethics, and a political voice resonant with the spirit of punk. The music is an exploration of contrasts—melding the solitary intimacy of techno with the communal energy of pop. It navigates between the personal and the political, crafting sounds that are both a call to action and a form of personal expression.
Her performances are notable for their intimacy and intensity, emphasizing the tactile experience of live creation. Through her music, Ela Minus celebrates everyday acts of resistance, weaving them into the larger fabric of her artistry, making her sound not only unique but deeply meaningful.

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Montréal 2024


Ela Minus CO

Ela Minus embodies the spirit of electronic rebellion through her analog-only performances. Crafting each sound with meticulously assembled synthesizers, her music blends intimacy with intensity, inviting listeners into a reflective auditory space. Inspired by jazz and the DIY ethos, her live sets are a profound narrative of resistance and resilience, making each performance a uniquely personal and political statement.


Ela Minus is a multidisciplinary artist from Colombia.


♡ EP (2022)
acts of rebellion (2020)
megapunk (2020)


From the age of 12, Ela Minus played drums in a hardcore band for almost 10 years, before shifting towards electronic music.