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Jichael Mackson<sup>DE</sup>
Jichael Mackson

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[NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT] With a name as audacious and satirical as Jichael Mackson, it's a safe assumption that Boris Steffen is a man with a sense of humour. His tracks are a different matter, however, opting for a funkier, sunnier approach to slicing, dicing, and looping micro-samples into first-rate house music. Since 2003, he's released a dozen singles on such boutique micro-house labels as Pastamusik, Phictiv, Liebe*Detail, and Akufen's Musique Risquée. More early singles appeared under the aliases Monaco Jam and Sista Bob. An up-and-coming producer, this will be the first opportunity to catch Jichael Mackson on this side of the Atlantic.