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Jeremy P. CaulfieldCA

Jeremy P. Caulfield<sup>CA</sup>
Jeremy P. Caulfield

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Before transplanting to Berlin, Jeremy P Caulfield was involved in Toronto’s burgeoning techno scene of the mid- to late-90’s, holding court at the crème de la crème of the city’s nights, including Fukhouse and Mission. Not one to rest on his laurels, Caulfield relocated to Berlin has since further cemented his ascending reputation as one of the scene’s finest purveyors of minimal techno with his unsettling and complex trademark sound. Caulfield has also owned and operated the Dumb-Unit imprint since 2000, a label that has earned distinction as nurturer of emerging talent. After carving a name for himself across labels such as WMF and Trapez, Caulfield’s most recent works have seen the light of day through Dumb-Unit, with strikingly minimal singles such as Cavalcade, Scar City, Runaway and the wonderfully titled Tumble-Dry defining a sound that is as indicative of his Toronto roots as it is of his current Berlin home.


Trapez, Dumb-Unit