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Outro is the music project of Argentine producer and composer Juan Barallobres, currently based in Patagonia. Outro uses piano, synthesizers and field recordings to create sonic landscapes on the cusp between experimental and dance music. At the core of his process lies the interplay between music, sound art, visual arts, cinema and performance. Acting as a collector, Outro harvests sounds from the people he meets and places he goes, and puts them in a dialogue with his own music. Barallobres also produces other musicians' work under El Sello Rojo, a company that he founded that acts as a record label and series of creative residencies. He participated in various events such as Ted X Río de la Plata, Ciudad Emergente Festival and BAFICI (Buenos Aires Cinema Festival).

The visuals of this performance were created by Argentinian artist Juliana Manarino Tachella through a collaborative process during the third edition of the Artlab Residencies, organized by Amplify Digital Arts Initiative. She explores different techniques of image production and manipulation working with visual arts and the moving image using analog and digital techniques, with a particular interest in collage, archival material, and audiovisual animation. Many of her projects focus on the creative exploration of the landscape from the tension between the plastic image and expanded cinema, trying to decompose and recompose something of that non-transferable experience that is the contemplation of the landscape. Guided by the search for a landscape that does not yet exist, and traversed by the way in which science and technology mediate people's relationship with the environment, Manarino Tachella seeks to offer a sensitive reinterpretation of natural phenomena, in a symphonic and chaotic reorganisation of the elements of nature.

AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative (Amplify D.A.I) a été lancée en 2018 en tant qu'initiative collaborative entre le British Council, MUTEK, Artlab et la Fundación Williams.

Outro is the music project of Argentine producer and composer Juan Barallobres, currently based in Patagonia.


El Sello Rojo


El Ruido de las Horas (El Sello Rojo, 2022)

Recuerdos del Mundo Exterior - Parte 1-2 (El Sello Rojo, 2020)


Intemperie’s first iteration is a film, co-produced with Venganzaunder, that captures their trip through Patagonia and the collection of the sound and visual they did for further projects.