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Noémi BüchiCH

Noémi Büchi<sup>CH</sup>
Noémi Büchi

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Noémi Büchi is a Swiss/French composer and sound artist that creates electronic, symphonic maximalism. Her music is defined by a delicate synthesis of textural rhythms and electroacoustic- orchestral abstraction. She explores the potential of consonance and dissonance, contrasts rhythmic physicality with disruption and playfully emphasizes irregularities, creating an expansive listening experience marked by detail and elevation.

Her musical work moves in the areas of electroacoustic composition, live performances, audiovisual shows, music for film, music for contemporary dance, music for installations, music for theater and for orchestral works.

 She holds a Master's degree in electroacoustic composition from the ZHdK (Zürich) and a Bachelor's degree in musicology and German literature/linguistic from the University of Zürich. During and after her studies, she played at various festivals and received a cultural prize from the city of Zürich. She regularly invited at renowned national and international festivals such as Ars Electronica (AUT), Maintenant Festival de Rennes (FR), Linecheck in Milan (IT). 

Upcoming performances

Barcelona 2024

Live A/V

Her debut album Does It Still Matter captures the tension between growth and decay, consonance and dissonance, mirroring Büchi’s own catharsis through music. In 2024, she will be presenting the spanish premiere of her most personal material to date at MUTEK Barcelona.

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