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Randy's CallingCA/QC

Randy's Calling<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Randy's Calling

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© Simone Provencher

Simone Provencher is a multi-instrumentalist and composer originally from Québec, now based in Hull. She is known as a guitarist in several groups affiliated to the creative space Le Pantoum, most notably the post-punk/no wave/noise rock trio VICTIME. Continuing to broaden her collaborative and experimental approach to music, Provencher has recently released Album (2021), the result of a personal collaboration with Hull percussionist and producer Olivier Fairfield. In 2021, she made her solo debut with Mesures (2021), her first collaborative album alongside Elyze Venne-Deshaies and Olivier Fairfield. Pursuing a practice in exploratory music, she has participated in theatrical and interdisciplinary projects. She has performed with the collective projets hybris as part of the experimental show Youngnesse, presented at La Chapelle (Montréal) and Mois Multi (Québec). She was also awarded a residency grant from the City of Gatineau and a residency at the Daïmôn artist-run center for her digital art project Nouvelle observation, where she explored the sonification of video signals using custom synthesizers.

Dana Wiesbrock is a musician and sound artist currently breathing and existing in Hull. After playing bass with multiple groups throughout university, his focus shifted towards electronic sounds and the instruments that produce them. Since 2019, he’s been testing and repairing guitar pedals at Fairfield Circuitry and is now using this experience to modify and design analog circuits to his own artistic end.

Scott Warren is a self-taught drummer, percussionist, and sound artist on the Ottawa/Hull jazz and improvised music scene since the mid-nineties. Seeking to forge connections through music, he is an intuitive improviser who is always experimenting and exploring. Working primarily on the other side of time, he harnesses processed loops and sound interventions using tape recorders, record players, a drum set, and found objects. Scott has shared the stage with many established local players including at the Ottawa Jazz Festival. Recent collaborations include performing with Rakestar Arkestra and the LSD trio; recording with scottFree (Rob Frayne and Rebecca Hennesey); and participating in the project Album (Simone Provencher and Olivier Fairfield).


This performance brings together the sound artists and musicians Simone Provencher, Dana Wiesbrock and Scott Warren, all of whom are currently based in Hull (Québec).


Trois visages | Simone Provencher (2022)

Pantoum Boutique | Simone Provencher w/ Olivier Fairfield (2022)

life in the liminal zone | Dana Wiesbrock (2021)

Rakestar + Guest Star | Rakestar + Scott Warren (2021)


The project Randy’s Calling was previously showcased at Radio-Hull, a creative radio festival; the arts centre Daïmôn; and the Casa Del Popolo’s improvised music series, Mardi Spaghetti.