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Whether distilling the blistering vigour of early 90’s jungle or honing in on the melancholic longing of slept-on Canadian downtempo electronica, Alex Sheaf’s productions are not only razor-focused, but crafted with a deep admiration for the genres they draw inspiration from. Whether deploying atmospheric slow-building breakbeats or peak-time junglist bombs, Dust-E-1’s atmospheric electronic music combines sampling, hardware and software to recreate the forgotten emotional states of yesteryear’s raves.

Born and raised in the UK, Sheaf moved to Montréal for university in 2013 where he cut his teeth running the Little Tapes collective, curating a monthly residency at Bleury Bar and a bi-weekly slot on the locally-based radio network. His debut EP Dust In The Dance turned heads worldwide with its crystalline recreation of the sound and energy of jungle’s most thrilling moments, tweaked with just enough restraint to maximize the thundering power of every snare roll and ragga bassline. A collaboration with fellow Montréal producer Priori resulted in the ANF project, exploring laid-back breakbeats and making a strong case for the reintroduction of chill-out rooms to the contemporary club landscape. Sheaf’s membership in rave-band Perishing Thirst feels like a nod to the heyday of 90’s Canadian electronica such as Dreamlogic and Pilgrims of the Mind, epitomizing the optimism of that era with warm flourishes.

Sheaf’s productions all feel like they share space in a connected universe, stitched together with deep knowledge and reverence for the musical histories they inhabit. This year, Dust-E-1 serves up an original live performance that showcases his intricate passion for atmospheric techno and transcendental downtempo beats, one that will immerse you deep into the dance.


Collect-Call, Lobster Theremin, Dust World


Cosmic Dust EP (2019)


"Sheaf is also a much sought after Discogs archiver and compiler under the “tas95” alias"