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From a secluded outpost on Nova Scotia's elusive South Shore, Jay Crocker’s junked-analog project conjures microclimate experimental music that both reverberates classical halls and industrial afterhours. Intricate, inasmuch as simplistic, JOYFULTALK puts forward instrumental frameworks of analogue tongue that flow like wordless rivers and glitching fields of electric grass through a bric-a-brac vocabulary of handmade electronics. The resulting compositions channel a sonic regionalism influenced by the precipitous treelines and flowing rivers of Lunenburg County, with contorted jamscapes rendering natural spaces in a hazy parallel universe, navigating the astral plane by way of his rugged maritime environs; tinkered lightfields of forward motion in a maniac's grove. Having performed live at MUTEK San Francisco in 2019, JOYFULTALK makes a MUTEK Montréal first with a live integration of sonic, visual, and sculptural practice into a unique environment.


Amplified by an arrangement of homemade instruments and an air of do-it-yourself energy, JOYFULTALK—or Jay Crocker—is a free-thinking left-field composer, musician, and visual artist based out of Nova Scotia.


Constellation Records


New Biology (2020)
A Separation of Being
Plurality Trip


The Comb-Over, The Cheadle, and The Pink Dolphin are just three of JOYFULTALK’s fourteen self-named, self-made synthesizers and cobbled instruments that help elicit a sense of creative unbalance in his work.