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SPIME.IM is a Turin-based artistic collective that aims to investigate, through transmedia projects, the aesthetics and the languages derived from the affirmation of digital reality. The collective uses technology, 3D art and electronic music to weave immersive A/V experiences that explore the boundaries of identity, corporeality and perception. For most of their performances, they use Remidi T8, a custom wearable midi controller presented at Sonar+D (ES) in 2016.

Their work has been featured at international digital art festivals such as Ars Electronica, Club to Club, L.E.V., Lunchmeat, Rhizom and Lost Music Festival. They recently delivered their latest multimedia production titled The End Of The World with internationally renowned pianist and composer Lubomyr Melnyk and cellist Julia Kent. As in their previous work and albums, the project reflects upon urgent contemporary issues that threaten to irreversibly impact the world and all of its inhabitants without proper solutions and care. SPIME.IM is composed of Davide Tomat, Gabriele Ottino, Matteo Marson and Marco Casolati.

Upcoming performances

Barcelona 2024

Live A/V

Grey Line is a live A/V show by the media art collective. SPIME.IM will present, in what will be their first time in Barcelona, and with the support of Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Barcellona, a performance that delves into themes related to contemporary issues with raw sincerity, namely the inevitability of climate change and humanity’s impact on the earth. Reflecting on our exposure to and assimilation of today’s continuous media bombing, SPIME.IM attempts to describe the emotional place in which we are trapped and the "era of the absurd" we are living in, also named "the wrong timeline".

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Presented with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal.

SPIME.IM is a Turin-based (IT) media art collective composed of artists Davide Tomat, Gabriele Ottino, Matteo Marson and Marco Casolati.




Heliotrope (-OUS, 2023)

ZERO (-OUS, 2020)

Exaland (-OUS, 2019)


The collective collaborated with adidas on its 2021/2022 Juventus soccer jersey, which was inspired by the Turin (IT) electronic music scene and the C2C Festival.