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Inspiral is a work that arises within a residence of the Specialization in Sound Art of the National University Tres de Febrero in Artlab. It is composed by Cecilia Simone on gong with expanded techniques, including piezoelectric amplification; Sebastián Miño on guitar; and Gabriel Latorre on bass and synthesizer.

The composition was conceived by sculpting and organizing ideas from improvisation, and develops from sound art through territories close to music such as ambient, noise and post-rock. It is also accompanied by an audiovisual piece.

Cecilia Simone has a degree in Image and Sound Design (UBA) and a student of the Specialization in Sound Art (UNTREF). She has spent a decade investigating the sonority of a symphonic gong in its acoustic possibilities and in recordings with piezoelectric microphones; minute or hour continuums and compositions in DAWs; explore gestures and elements to execute it as a mallet, flumi or bow. She performs experimental improvisations, blending her immersive harmonic sound with other instruments.

Sebastián Miño (AR) is an artist, designer and teacher. He is currently completing the postgraduate specialization in Sound Art at the University of Tres de Febrero. Recording technician, editor and audiovisual producer, graduated from the Image and Sound Design career (UBA). In his audiovisual productions he combines error, accident, and poetic search, (de)materializing them in sounds and images. He is currently working as a sound editor, in the research project "Rhythm and Sense" carried out by the Szmukler Chair for the Research Secretariat of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires.

Gabriel Latorre is an Argentine bassist and sound artist. He explores the territories of improvisation, soundscape, radio art and live sound intervention of installations by other plastic and audiovisual artists. He has participated with different works in competitions and festivals such as "La Llamada", organized by the Ferrowhite workshop museum and Bahía[in]sonora; and South Aural. He is currently working on the final piece of his course in the Specialization in Sound Art at UNTREF.