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Nico Sorín & Efe Ce EleAR

Nico Sorín & Efe Ce Ele<sup>AR</sup>
Nico Sorín & Efe Ce Ele

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Nico Sorín's universe travels fluidly from music for Big Bands to sound tracks for movies, from symphonies to rock music. This is why he is such a unique and versatile musician. He started his music career at Berklee College of Music. He has worked in Europe as a producer and has conducted prestigious orchestras such as the London Session Orchestra, the Mexico Symphony Orchestra, the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and the Henry Mancini Orchestra among others. He has composed the award winning film scores of dozens of movies and has been nominated 4 times for the Latin Grammy Award as a producer. In 2018 he composed Argentum, the 40-minute Suite which he directed at the G-20 Summit at Teatro Colón in front of the world leaders. In November of 2019 he premiered his Sinfonia Antartica at the CCK in Buenos Aires, a symphonic piece he wrote in Antarctica in 2013 and 2019. This piece was composed to create awareness about the environment’s critical situation. After almost two decades of being a leader and being part of numerous bands Nico Sorin goes solo. With an electronic sonic palette and an organic musical architecture he uses his machines as if they were musicians in an orchestra.

Colombian artist living in Argentina Feli Cabrera Lopez is a musician, producer, transmedia artist and non-binary trans activist. She is interested in embodiment, genre, biology, technology and music. She works from experimentation and emotions, making our culture’s opposite binary themes face each other. Her work comes to life in different formats, from video art to sound art, electronic music, transmedia performances and generative art.


Nicolás Sorin, also known as Nico Sorín is an argentinian musician, producer and composer. He has directed prestigious orchestras such as the London Session Orchestra and is a Latin Grammy Nominee (2007, 2010). Colombian artist Feli Cabrera Lopez, also known as Efe Ce Ele is a musician, producer, transmedia artist and non-binary trans activist currently living in Buenos Aires.