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Erika Tsuchiya x Josh RodenbergUS/QA

Erika Tsuchiya x Josh Rodenberg<sup>US/QA</sup>
Erika Tsuchiya x Josh Rodenberg

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Erika Tsuchiya is a Japanese media producer and artist born in the UK and raised in the USA. She is currently based in Doha, Qatar, and works with immersive media, specifically full-dome format, focusing on live audio-visual performance and vocals in electronic music. Before joining VCUarts Qatar, Erika led community media projects in Philadelphia prisons such as Hidden Lives Illuminated an animation project with incarcerated men and women, and P.O. Box 34, a prison writing program developed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erika’s creative journey reflects a fusion of artistic expression, technological innovation, and social activism fostering connections across diverse cultures and communities, using media as a tool for social change. She is currently in production on a full-dome film to highlight the diversity of the Gulf region through landscape and regional poetry.

Josh Rodenberg (b.1981), based in Doha, Qatar, is a sound and video artist who frequently works in immersive creations. His work combines ambient soundscapes, field recordings, and melodic undertones to craft unique auditory experiences. Additionally, his video pieces represent an impressionist exploration of light and color, employing both analog and digital processing techniques to achieve vibrant compositions. Josh's expertise manifests in his sound design contributions to various mediums, including experimental films, VR games, mobile apps, and podcasts.

In 2021, Josh embarked on a new chapter by joining Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar. There, he continues to push the boundaries of sound and video art, often collaborating with Erika Tsuchiya to shape the future of creative expression.

Upcoming performances

Dubai 2024

Mirroring the Sky, a live audio-visual performance explores the meditative aspects of light reflection and refraction as discovered in the natural terrains of Qatar. Live sound builds a narrative, creating a mixture of ambient frequencies and field recordings with rhythmic experimentation.