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SYNC. (AtomTM & Peter Van Hoesen)DE/CL+BE/DE

SYNC. (AtomTM & Peter Van Hoesen)<sup>DE/CL+BE/DE</sup>
SYNC. (AtomTM & Peter Van Hoesen)

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Peter van Hoesen is a Belgian electronic music producer, performer and AV artist based in Berlin. Growing up in Antwerp, he was first attracted to EBM and New Beat before exploring other forms of non-Techno music. He then created the Foton collective and delved into experimental music, releasing his first album in 2001 as Object. In 2002, under the RM pseudonym, he released 1025 in collaboration with Jeroen Baekelandt. He then expanded his musical horizons by playing around with Drum and bass and Dubstep before returning to Techno in 2006 with his Increments EP. Throughout his career, Van Hoesen launched labels such as Foton, Time To Express, and Center 91, and also co-founded Archives Intérieures. Aside from his collab with Atom™ for the SYNC. project, he also joined forces with Yves De Mey under his Sendai moniker, producing music centered on contemporary sound exploration. Van Hoesen is best known for his abstract and bass-heavy perspective on Techno; he remixed numerous artists, composed scores for contemporary dance acts and also produced installations and multidisciplinary festivals with the Foton collective. Since 2020, he restarted his solo AV creation work; his artistic presence therefore extends to a myriad of platforms, creating endlessly unique musical experiences.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Uwe H. Schmidt is one of contemporary electronica’s most prolific composers, producers and musicians, having released hundreds of recordings under an unbelievable number of aliases, such as Atom™, Atom Heart, Flanger, Datacide, Mono™ or Lisa Carbon. Schmidt began his musical career in the early 80s by playing the drums. Co-founding the cassette label N.G. Medien in 1986, he released his first music opus under the moniker Lassigue Bendthaus. Starting in 1991 and for the next three years, he released over 60 albums on a variety of labels. His first works delved into Techno and Acid house before a collab with the FAX label pushed him towards Trance and Ambient, then to the edges of contemporary Electronica with a staggering array of releases on his own Rather Interesting label, founded in 1994. In 1996, Schmidt relocated to Santiago de Chile and developed his Señor Coconut project, drawing international recognition; he is widely considered as the father of Electrolatino, Electrogospel and Aciton (fusing Acid and Reggaeton). Although having slowed his roll since the early aughts, Uwe Schmidt continues to craft music under one moniker or another, releasing albums, collaborating and performing, remixing titles for a myriad of musicians across the gamut and contributing to several soundtracks. Uwe Schmidt’s diverse musical output and his signature style have turned him into one of electronic music’s foremost figures.


Chile-based German composer, musician and producer Uwe H. Schmidt is best known as Atom™, Atom Heart, Lassigue Bendthaus or Señor Coconut, among other aliases. Berlin-based Peter van Hoesen is a Belgian electronic music producer, composer, AV artist and occasional DJ.


NN, Time To Express, AtomTM_Audio_Archive


TOOLBOX w/ Tobias (Pomelo, 2023)

Texturen IV (AtomTM_Audio-Archive, 2023)

Wavetable (NN, 2023)

Jet Chamber I-V w/ Pete Namlook (NN, 2023)

Soft Opening (NN, 2023)

A Swing Is Not A Throw (Time To Express, 2023)

Echoes from Westbrook Bay (Time To Express, 2021)

Uncovered 2008​-​2018 Vol. 1-2-3 (Time To Express, 2019)


In January 2018, Peter Van Hoesen et Atom™ threw a hybrid live show for Mindgames at Unit Tokyo. Performing together for the first time, they jammed for nearly eight hours straight. This event gave birth to the SYNC. project.


Peter Van Hoesen : Object, RM, Sendai

AtomTM : Atom Heart, Flanger, Datacide, MonoTM, Lisa Carbon