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Barcelona 2022

Known for always finding the most brutal beauty within foundational techno, Blawan has been producing industrial bangers for almost a decade. Part of a wave of young British producers with a deep appreciation for modular synthesisers as an exploratory sound design tool and live instrument, this techno titan has a supernatural fluency for bringing rhythm to the track, whether it's straight ahead, stridently syncopated or oscillating somewhere in between.


Ternesc, R&S Records , Hessle Audio


Karenn: Kind of Green (2019) ; Blawan: Wet Will Always Dry (2018)


Prior to settling on his no-nonsense techno orientation, Blawan briefly toyed with Brandy’s nineties R&B jam “I Wanna Be Down,” resurrected as the gleefully crunchy “Getting Me Down,” voted Resident Advisor’s track of 2011