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Tortues VapeurCA/QC

Tortues Vapeur<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Tortues Vapeur

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Martin Tétreault and Susanna Hood use turntables, electronics, synthesizers, vocals and various objects to layer found materials and improvised sounds into a new, uncannily nostalgic landscape located somewhere outside of time.

Long-time friends, Tétreault and Hood playfully combine the tools and skills of their unique interdisciplinary practices into evocative electronic noises, rhythms and textures. An internationally renowned improvisational turntablist with a background in visual artistry that incorporates collage and a musical past rooted in composition and citation, Martin Tétreault has carved out a unique place in analog musical experimentation. He explores the intrinsic qualities of the record player, including motor noises, static and parasitic sounds, using turntable needles, specially prepared surfaces and small electronic instruments. Among his many collaborations, he's created performances and recordings with Diane Labrosse, René Lussier, Jean Derome, Michel F. Côté, I8U, Otomo Yoshihide, Kevin Drumm, Xavier Charles, Ikue Mori and many others. Martin also regularly works with dance companies Cas Public and Sylvain Émard Danse. An award-winning dance artist, Susanna Hood has devoted her career to synthesizing voice and movement within her dynamic practice, creating intimate, sensual and raw performances. She began her career as a member of Toronto Dance Theatre before setting out as an independent artist. She's founder and former artistic director of hum dansoundart, has worked extensively in theatre as a movement director, teaches at the School Toronto Dance Theatre and l’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal, and has presented her work and the work of Canadian choreographers internationally, emphasizing the value of improvisation and collaboration to interdisciplinary art forms.

Prolific creators and performers for over 20 years, Tétreault and Hood stretch their talents and experimental forms even further as Tortues Vapeur. As the duo takes to the stage for MUTEK's famed closing night, expect an experiment in sound and performance, shifting space and the folding of time through sound.


Microclimat, Ambiances Magnétiques


Tortues vapeur (2019), Martin Tétreault — Plus De Snipettes!! ‎(2018)


Tétreault has over 60 experimental music releases to his name and a monograph, Disks and a knife, dedicated to his work; Susanna received the Canada Council’s Victor Martin Lynch-Staunton Award in Dance