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Mathieu Arsenault & Charles-André CoderreCA/QC

Mathieu Arsenault & Charles-André Coderre<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Mathieu Arsenault & Charles-André Coderre

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Montréal artist and filmmaker Charles-André Coderre pushes the boundaries of the traditional cinematic experience. Having obtained a master’s degree from Université de Montréal, his work led him to analog and experimental production, as well as real-time film distortion. A member of Montréal’s experimental collective Double Négatif, he also directed several short films as well as the feature-length Déserts (2016), and manipulates 16mm film for various live A/V performances such as Jerusalem In My Heart and Bangkok Loops. He also collaborates with Québec’s film magazine 24 images.

Montréal’s Mathieu Arsenault, electronic musician and sound artist, integrates and shapes the human voice into a complex electronic language. Founding member of Technical Kidman, with whom he released two albums, he frequently collaborates with the performing arts community (namely Hugo Dalphond, Projets Hybris and For Fauve), and produced works for Fondation PHI, La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Tangente Danse, the OK LÀ festival and Québec’s Mois Multi. His first solo album will be released later this year


Montrealers Charles-André Coderre, artist, director and member of the Double Négatif collective, and Mathieu Arsenault, electronic musician, sound artist and founding member of Technical Kidman.


Constellation Records


Mathieu Arsenault: SEULEMENT (2021)
Charles-André Coderre: Territoires Granulaires (2020), Jerusalem In My Heart (2014-2019), Granular Film-Beirut (2016), Bangkok Loops (2014)


Live 16mm projections, edited in real-time by Charles-André Coderre, are filtered through Mathieu Arsenault’s modular synthesizers in order to create a languid, fractured and immersive soundscape.