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Daniel Lee is a multi-instrumentalist and producer/songwriter who has released over a dozen albums under various projects. Known for his ever-evolving work as part of the electronic duo Phèdre and his solo project Lee Paradise, he specializes in rhythmically propulsive grooves with off-kilter production and a keen sense for melody. The Fink, Lee Paradise's most recent album on label Telephone Explosion, was released in 2020.

For the last 10 years, playing bass, synths and samplers, April Aliermo has extensively toured North America, Europe and Asia with her rock and electronic bands, Hooded Fang and Phèdre. In 2018, she began her solo foray into sound art. She mentored under pioneering sound artist Christina Kubisch at the Darmstadt Summer Course New Music Festival, studying and recording "hidden" electromagnetic sounds as well as site-specific, immersive sound installations. As a Filipina-Canadian artist, Aliermo creates sonic works that question socio-political systems and realities.


Phèdre is an electronic duo from Tkaronto (Toronto), Canada, featuring Daniel Lee and April Aliermo.


ETERNA (2020)
Pisces Pisces Mixtape (2019)


Aliermo is the 2021 artist for the Canadian Music Centre's Media Production Residency, researching works of sound artists — with an emphasis on BIPOC artists past and present, and a particular interest in womyn, non-binary and Queer artists.