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Olivia McGilchristFR/JM/QC

Olivia McGilchrist<sup>FR/JM/QC</sup>
Olivia McGilchrist

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Olivia Mc Gilchrist is a white French-Jamaican multimedia artist and doctoral candidate exploring how colonial legacies extend their reach to Virtual Reality (VR) technology. She has exhibited in Canada, Jamaica, USA, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Switzerland, UK. Building on her experience as a white Euro-Caribbean and research in the portrayal of her hybrid identity within contemporary Jamaican culture, Mc Gilchrist explores how this can be represented in VR. Working with Professors MJ Thompson, Lynn Hughes and Alice Ming Wai Jim at Concordia University, her Individualized PhD thesis project is entitled Virtual ISLANDs, postcolonial hybrid identities in Virtual Reality.