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Olivia McGilchristFR/JM/QC

Olivia McGilchrist<sup>FR/JM/QC</sup>
Olivia McGilchrist

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Olivia McGilchrist is an artist and educator engaged in questions about identity, feminist performance and “other” (non-Western) futures in embodied virtual space within North America and the Caribbean. Her Individualized (INDI) PhD research-creation project investigates how contemporary iterations of virtual reality experiences, as a part of a continuum of screen based and multimedia installation art practices, may trouble postcolonial and hybrid identities through the portrayal and performance of the self and the other. Olivia approaches VR as a submersive masking device within an installation, concerned with the tension occurring between the two modes of physical presence when one user is wearing a VR headset and another user is not. She has exhibited VR, film-based and photographic art works in Canada, Jamaica, across the Caribbean, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Austria, France and the UK.

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