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Thomas BrinkmannDE

Thomas Brinkmann<sup>DE</sup>
Thomas Brinkmann

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MUTEK is pleased to welcome once again the prodigious composer Thomas Brinkmann. Uncontested master of a techno brand articulated by funk and minimalist dub, he returns to Montreal after too long an absence. Mr. Brinkmann is an extraordinary stage performer whose scorching presentations effortlessly meld intelligence and efficiency. His knowledge of and love for music and visual arts, his synthesis spirit which favours building on works from his contemporaries (the famous Variations from minimalist tracks by Richie Hawtin and by Mike Inc.), the integration of past musical references (Talking Heads, Django Reinhardt on his last CD Lucky Hands) and philosophy (e.m. Cioran, Weisse Nächte, CD Supposé) all contribute in strengthening his compositions in an artistic sense beyond simply being just interests. Accomplished artist and generous performer, Thomas Brinkmann likes to say—in keeping with the title of his last album, Lucky Hands—that it’s all a question of turning knobs with precision and subtlety, and with lucky hands. And if fate plays in his favour, no doubt that all spectators confronted by his savoir-faire this time around will have little chance against being magically struck by the force of his devastating dynamism.