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[NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT] Few producers who got started less than eighteen months ago could hope to find themselves lavished with so much international attention this early on, especially in a genre as fickle as micro-house, but Berlin's My My have managed just that. The trio began releasing singles in 2005, soon after Lee Jones moved to Berlin from London, where he'd spent the nineties leading the downtempo project Hefner (not to be confused with the Brit-folk trio of the same name). In Berlin, Jones met Nick Höppner, who'd recently left his day job as a music journalist at Groove Magazine, and Carsten Klemmen, a nascent DJ in the city's clubs. Their combined talents for textured, intelligent club music were evident from their first singles. Songs for the Gentle, their first album, is that rare debut which arrives fully formed, schooled by their hometown's illustrious club circuit, but also imbued with a gentleness that belies the record's admirable subtlety. It's no wonder they've already earned comparisons to top-drawer acts like Isolée, Booka Shade, and Akufen – My My share the same panoramic and mature approach to house music.