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Marie DavidsonCA/QC

Marie Davidson<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Marie Davidson

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Credit: Aytekin Yalcin

Marie Davidson, a pivotal figure in Montréal's vibrant electronic music scene, brings a multi-dimensional approach to her craft. Davidson’s journey in music extends over a decade, exploring genres ranging from ambient and techno to synth pop and spoken word. Her dynamic output reflects a complex tapestry of introspection, shadowed by darker, more ponderous tones yet always punctuated by an undercurrent of humor and vulnerability.
Davidson’s musical narrative is not confined to her solo projects. As part of Essaie pas and Marie Davidson & L'Œil nu, she has captivated global audiences with her incisive sound and energetic stage presence. Her ability to weave dramatic intensity with playful exuberance during live performances underscores her distinct identity in the music world.
Her discography, spanning influential labels like Ninja Tune and DFA Records, showcases her versatility and willingness to push boundaries. Beyond her personal projects, Davidson extends her musical prowess to theatrical realms, composing for Animals of Distinction, a testament to her adaptive and expansive artistic vision.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Marie Davidson CA/QC

Marie Davidson's live performance at MUTEK Montréal will showcase her distinctive blend of spoken word and pulsating rhythms, promising an immersive sonic journey akin to her sets known for their dynamism, spanning techno, ambient, and synth-pop with an emotional depth reflecting her eclectic inspirations.


Marie Davidson is a Montreal-based electronic music producer, singer, songwriter and poet.


Y.A.A.M. (2024)
Persona (2021)
Renegade Breakdown (2020)


Marie Davidson began her musical journey as a child with the violin and classical training.