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Montreal Life Support & WoulgUK/QC+CA/QC

Montreal Life Support & Woulg<sup>UK/QC+CA/QC</sup>
Montreal Life Support & Woulg

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Born in the United Kingdom and now based in Montréal, David Gardener, better known as Montreal Life Support, creates complex installations merging music, sound, lighting, video projections and robotics. His work aims to inspire and lift audiences from the banalities of everyday existence by shedding some light on the many facets of the universe.

Based in Montréal, artist and musician Greg Debicki, also known as Woulg, challenges preconceptions through glitch music, audiovisual manipulation and generative algorithms. Having studied Fine Arts in Alberta and Musical Composition in the United Kingdom, he set out to design generative software, custom hacks and interactive projections in order to push his art ever further. Woulg performed in Europe, in the Americas and in Australia, and also notably manages Studio Marie Anne, offering classes in composition, sound design and programming.


British-born musician and visual artist David Gardener (as Montreal Life Support), along with musician Woulg (Greg Debicki), both based in Montréal.


Methlab Recordings, Outlier Recordings


Montreal Life Support: Immunity (2021), Orbits (2018)
Woulg: Last Time (2018), Interpolate (2017), Ring Buffer (2015)


Immersive audiovisual performance merging robotics and AI, Empty Vessels dares to question the relevance of a human touch in artistic and musical creation.