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Cobblestone Jazz (feat. Mathew Jonson)CA

Cobblestone Jazz (feat. Mathew Jonson)<sup>CA</sup>
Cobblestone Jazz (feat. Mathew Jonson)

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A unique improv-electronics trio featuring Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate, and Tyger Dhula! Mathew Jonson is recognized worldwide as one of Canada's premier minimal techno producers. From seminal singles on Richie Hawtin's M_nus label to his current hot streak on his very own Wagon Repair imprint, the West Coast native has helped shape the contemporary face of this country's club music. But when this producer wants a little more spontaneity in his performances, he joins forces with the live electronic trio Cobblestone Jazz. With Vancouverites Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula rounding out the line-up, Cobblestone Jazz plunder through improvisational and frequently energetic sets with the seasoned skills of jazz musicians. Those who saw them perform at the 2003 edition of the festival will confirm that these guys are a sight to behold! For their highly anticipated 2007 appearance (which precedes the imminent release of band's debut album, slated for this fall) Cobblestone Jazz will perform part of their set with Montreal's king of leftfield disco-soul, The Mole. Turns out – not so coincidentally – that these guys used to all play together in an earlier formation of Cobblestone Jazz called the Modern Deep Left Quartet. This year's MUTEK brings these four prodigious performers together for a rare live set.


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