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Mieko Suzuki & Claudia RohrmoserJP+AT

Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmoser<sup>JP+AT</sup>
Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmoser

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Mieko Suzuki is a DJ, sound artist and composer born in Hiroshima and based in Berlin. Grounded in hauling deep bass, her sound performances combine drones and field recordings with the crackling of electrical circuits and fragments of vinyl records. Her experimental approach always pays careful attention to the space and to the people, whether it be a basement club, a theater play or a dance performance. Choreographer Meg Stuart, theatre director Johan Simons and avantgarde techno label Raster are among her regular creative collaborators. Mieko Suzuki is a member of the improvisation trio Contagious together with Andrea Neumann and Sabine Erkelenz. Their first album Contagious was released by Morphine Records in 2019. Since 2009, she has been running her own bi-monthly, multidisciplinary event Kookoo, together with Arno Raffeiner, at OHM gallery in Berlin.

Video artist Claudia Rohrmoser works in the field of visual music and expanded cinema. She explores the link between the musical and visual realm within animation and live cinema montages. Her works include experimental animation shorts, audiovisual performances and video stage designs. In interdisciplinary collaborations with musical composers and theatrical set designers she designed video installations for concerts, opera productions and contemporary musical performances. (i.a. Teatro Real Madrid, Salzburger Osterfestspiele, Inventionen Festival Berlin, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, Theater Bielefeld) She is founder of “Cinema Vertigo” a platform for artistic research in the field of media spaces. Claudia studied Multimedia Arts / Computer Animation the FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and Experimental Film and Media Arts at UdK Berlin University of the Arts. At present she is professor of Motion Design and Media Scenography at FH Bielefeld where she builds the degree course „Digital Media and Experiment“. Claudia was born in Salzburg, Austria and lives in Berlin and Bielefeld.


raster-media , Morphine Records, KOOKOO