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Manami SakamotoJP

Manami Sakamoto<sup>JP</sup>
Manami Sakamoto

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Manami Sakamoto is a VJ/visual artist based in Tokyo. She has made appearances as a VJ at various international festivals such as Awakenings Festival in Amsterdam, NOT YET FREE in New York, and Zouk Out in Singapore. On the domestic front, she has been featured at festivals like Fuji Rock Festival, Summer Sonic, Ultra Japan, Rainbow Disco Club, and various club events in Tokyo.

Upcoming performances

Tokyo Tokyo 2023


In recent years, Manami has been actively involved not only in the dance music scene as a VJ but also in the fields of digital art and media art. Her energetic participation includes events like MUTEK Montreal, MUTEK. JP, MUTEK ES+AR, Refraction Festival in BC, Japan Connection Festival in Paris, and METAVERSE SUMMIT in Paris. As part of collaborative projects with musicians, she presents live performances and exhibition pieces. Her work is praised for its borderless perspective, transcending genres and conventional boundaries, and she is recognized for her VJ-specific visually striking designs that contribute to the overall ambiance of a space.