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Fred EverythingCA/QC

Fred Everything<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Fred Everything

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Credit: Bruno Destombes

Frédéric Blais, better known by his stage name Fred Everything, is a key figure in the electronic music scene, hailing from Montréal. With a prolific career that spans over 25 years, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of house music, evident in his extensive catalog of over 250 releases. His musical journey is marked by an undying passion for innovation and a keen ear for evolving sounds, which is showcased in his own label, Lazy Days Recordings.
His recent project under the alias All Is Well explores a more introspective facet of his artistry. The project's debut album, A Break In Time, crafted during the solitude of lockdown, serves as a meditative exploration of sound, aiming to offer solace and reflection through its ambient landscapes. This album not only demonstrates his versatility but also emphasizes his ability to convey profound emotional narratives.
His approach to music production combines traditional elements with modern techniques, ensuring a sound that remains both timeless and contemporary. With a keen focus on the intrinsic properties of music and its impact on the listener, Fred Everything continues to be a vital force in the industry, promising more innovative projects and collaborations in the near future.

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Montréal 2024


Fred Everything CA/QCLove, Care, Kindness & Hope
Live︱World Premiere

For the 25th edition of MUTEK Montréal, Fred Everything unveils an exclusive live set, exploring Downtempo, Broken Beat, and Deep House with tracks from his new album. Inspired by prestigious collaborations, his set promises an immersive experience, marked by a rich sonic approach and innovative production.


Fred Everything is a DJ and music producer based in Montréal, also known under the All is Well moniker.


Fred Everything is one of the pioneers of deep house and started his career in the Montréal underground scene in the 90’.