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Juli Manarino Tachellaar

Juli Manarino Tachella<sup>ar</sup>
Juli Manarino Tachella

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I explore different techniques of image production and manipulation. My work revolves around visual arts and moving images, using both analog and digital techniques. With a particular interest in collage, archival material, and audiovisual animation, I participate as a visual artist in live performances alongside various musical and stage projects. Some of my projects have been featured in various exhibitions and festivals, including the Experimentalia Cycle (Centro Cultural España Córdoba), the Festival of Media Arts and Video Art at the Museum of Women (VideoFest Córdoba), the Protegjer exhibition (Museo Emilio Caraffa), the Cage Symposium (Museum of Women), the Santo Noise Festival, the International Video Art Festival of Camagüey (FIVAC Cuba), and the 4th International Image Salon IMAGEN PALABRA (Colombia). I have been awarded scholarships to participate in some residencies and training programs, including the 2019 Training Scholarship granted by the National Arts Fund.