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Vicky ClarkeUK

Vicky Clarke<sup>UK</sup>
Vicky Clarke

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Vicky Clarke is a sound and electronic media artist from Manchester, UK. Working with sound sculpture, DIY electronics and human-machine systems, she explores our relationship to technology through sonic materiality, live audiovisual and browser-based artwork. Clarke’s recent project MATERIALITY explored sound sculpture as a gestural and acoustic medium to interface the physical and digital, working with industrial musique concrete. Collaborating with researchers at the National Graphene Institute, she developed a conductive graphene performance interface for Ableton Live, featured on Sound and Music’s Composer-Curator series and at the Music Tech Fest in Stockholm. Her work has also featured in the documentaries SONIC FUTURES: How Technology is Guiding Electronic Music and Artist DIY for FACT magazine’s documentary series in 2020. This year, she was a selected artist for British Council’s UK-Russia Year of Music, researching machine learning and music for her new project SleepStates. She has performed at CTM Festival (Berlin) and MUTEK (Barcelona). As co-director of Noise Orchestra, a DIY electronics project building Noise Machines that translate light into sound, she has been artist in residence at the National Media Museum (Bradford, UK), Steim (Amsterdam) and Q-02 (Brussels), exploring DIY music technologies and the cultures that exist around them. Clarke is currently working towards her first release.