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Indus is a Colombian Electro-folk duo composed of producer Oscar Alford and percussionist Andres Mercado, aka Doc Keyta. Managing the band’s electronic side, Alford has worked with the likes of Richard Blair (Sidestepper), John Montoya (ZZK Records), Ghetto Kumbé, Nidia Gongora and Pedrina y Rio, among others. The pair has independently released a 7-track debut album, Indus, in 2020, and 3 singles in its wake. Two EPs of remixes soon followed on Afro-Colombian label Palenque Records. The band’s discography aims to revisit traditional Colombian music through contemporary studio production techniques. Sounds ranging from Champeta-inspired Techno to Downtempo by way from Currulao and Afro-pop, strongly influenced by the numerous elements of African and Afro-descendant cultures permeating Colombia: Mapalé rhythms, the Picotera culture surrounding Champeta and even the sung dances of San Basilio de Palenque. The pair’s work includes collaborations with some of Colombia’s most renowned folk musicians, including gaitero El Leon Pardo, traditional singer Hermes Romero and iconic bands such as Las Alegres Ambulancias, Sexteto Tabala and Son Palenque. The duo has performed at some of Colombia’s most illustrious musical events, such as Bogotá’s Colombia al Parque and Centro festivals, Palomino’s Jaguar festival, Las Fiestas del Mar and the Tambor Galactico festival. Indus is currently working on their second studio album, this time released on ZZK Records.

Presented as part of ZZK Records 15 year anniversary.

Colombian afro-diasporic Electro-folk duo Indus, composed of producer Oscar Alford and percussionist Andres Mercado, also known as Doc Keyta.


Indépendant, Palenque Records


Indus (2020)


Indus draws its name from the eponymous constellation, “The Indian”, meaning an indigenous person. This constellation, located near the south celestial pole, is composed of several stars, though few are visible to the naked eye.