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Dökk, experience created by Italian studio fuse*, marks MUTEK MX return to the iconic Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris. This complex and impressive project mixes dance, immersive sound, an hypnotic visual environment and real time interaction with the outside world, giving us a piece that is ever evolving. Dökk was in preparation for three years prior to its premiere and, with numerous presentations around the world, the project remains in constant development without altering its essential objective: to generate a space of deep empathy that reflects the unpredictability of human existence, while uniting the possibilities between the technological and the physical.

Darkness is a space of infinite possibilities: is where matter is transformed, the subconscious flourishes and new environments emerge to create a balance between our relationship with reality and light. And darkness is also the place from which the Italian studio fuse* has developed one of its most complex and impressive projects to date: Dökk. This performance that involves emerging technologies, dance and interaction, takes us through 10 spaces that evoke the different stages of life, in a circular journey from and to the origin of life and consciousness.

Dökk's profound aesthetic and emotional experience comes from the convergence of narrative sensibility, three years of preparation and constant technical experimentation, which makes each live performance unrepeatable. The end result on stage has a complex back end, using generative visual environments, immersive sound design and a complex system that allows interaction between what happens on stage (movement, visuals and sound and the dancer's heart rate) with a sentimental analysis of posts on social networks generated at the time of the performance. All of this makes Dökk a singular performance that connects experimentation and avant-garde expressions with the complexity of the human experience. Since its premiere in 2017, Dökk has evolved through multiple iterations at festivals around the world and this will be the last of her three presentations in 2023. A must.


fuse*, Italian studio investigating the possibilities between emerging technology, art and performance. Under the direction of Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, fuse* has positioned itself globally as one of the most relevant platforms for cutting-edge experiences.


The site-specific mega installation Luna Somnium, which took over the Gazometro facilities, an ancient industrial warehouse in Rome that is part of the city's urban heritage.


Dökk is such an impressive project, that L.E.V. Festival decided to schedule it for the second time for its most recent edition.

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Dökk: Live Media Opera