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The Quark ModelIR/CA/QC

The Quark Model<sup>IR/CA/QC</sup>
The Quark Model

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Catalyzing digital compositions into sound and movement, The Quark Model synthesizes cerebral machine learning with deeply soulful minimal techno undercurrents. Digital techniques such as live coding and musical set theory form a cybernetic harmony with pulsating synthesizer throbs, layering unpredictably human influences overtop solid rhythmic structures.

Honey Haq Pazhutan’s work as a sound artist, percussionist, vocalist and composer informs her relationship with technology, which she sees as a tool with the potential to manifest utopian futures. Likewise, Max Pazhutan juggles the roles of designer, instrumentalist, author and educator, many of which cement together in his Acidmeg alias, which drew inspiration from the burgeoning techno and trance movements of the early 90’s. Together, the two prolific producers create a blur of momentum—from the duo’s M P | v H+ Computational Sound Art Projects collaboration, which incorporates open source coding systems into self-developed synthesizers, to Twarc Pyroelectric, where hallucinatory sci-fi narratives echo overtop stratospheric electronic pulsations. As interdisciplinary scholars of digitally-crafted creativity, their work draws influence across worlds—from John Cage to Carl Jung, IDM to mediations on artificial intelligence. While The Quark Model is the couple's most club-focused project, it doesn’t shy away from experimentalism, blending soaring harmonies and contemporary electro influences with a deep knowledge of structural design and an an intent to move bodies in dimly-lit liminal spaces.

Reprising their role at MUTEK after 2018’s considerably avant-garde performance , this year will see The Quark Model performing Catalysis = Activation = Reaction, which promises to blend cerebral structures with organic improvisation, inverting expectations around rhythm, tempo and metre while channelling the somatic urgency of impeccably crafted club sounds.

Appears as part of Amplify.
Amplify is led by the British Council, MUTEK and Somerset House Studios, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.


Last year's MUTEK offering from the duo involved improvised theremin broadcast over electronically amplified brainwaves