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FM Live & ChecaCL

FM Live & Checa<sup>CL</sup>
FM Live & Checa

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FM Live is the project formed by Juan Matus (Felipe Venegas) and Fantasna (Sebastián Mella). The duo was born in Santiago - Chile in 2017, at the Equinox party, an Iconic celebration of friends, where Matus and Fantasna joined forces for the first time to present their set live. FM Live has performed at the Piknic Électronik Festival, DGTL Santiago, Bosque Sónico Chile, Club Santo Remedio, Festival Frecuencias, among others.

Checa is a sound and visual artist based in Chile since 2015. She began as a visualist at itinerant parties in uninhabited houses and buildings. She delved into the improvised dialogue between infrastructure, materiality, and image. She has participated in several festivals, such as MUTEK.AR 2019, Recreo 2020, visual concerts at the Bienal de Artes Mediales 2017, City IF, among others.