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Eƨƨe RanCA/QC

Eƨƨe Ran<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Eƨƨe Ran

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Eƨƨe Ran is an electronic music experimentalist and techno producer based in Montréal, Canada. His practice builds upon meticulous synthesis and sound treatment and gives rise to an obscure industrial techno where both rhythms and textures share a common ground. The fragmentation and layering of his own sources, processed, reused and digested through his finely curated hardware setup, forms a distinctive palette of peculiar sounds without ever losing sight of the groove.
In 2019, Eƨƨe Ran founded Humidex Records with softcoresoft and S. Chioini, a label for techno and electronic explorations. He then released his first EP Folding the Dishes, under his previous alias Absurde followed in 2022 by a short album named Derelict Memories from which his new alias was born.
He previously performed at MUTEK in Montréal, Mexico, and Buenos Aires, along with Exposé Noir with his collective Musique Nouvelle, a live-oriented techno duo formed with S. Chioini.


Eƨƨe Ran is a project by Montréal-based electronic music experimentalist Félix Gourd, co-founder of Humidex records.




Derelict Memories (Humidex, 2022)

Folding The Dishes (Humidex, 2020)