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Credit: Randy Scott

Hailing from Toronto, ÈBONY, comprising Jordan Gardner and R-ODERICK, stand out with their innovative fusion of Detroit techno and Chicago house, enriched by South African melodies. Since their impactful debut with the EP Real Truth and a notable collaboration on FeelmyBicep's Love Myself, they have become recognized figures in the electronic music scene. ÈBONY's work is characterized by a unique blend of subgenres that captures the essence of avant-garde dance music, making their sound distinctive and forward-thinking. Their approach not only respects the roots of techno and house but also pushes the boundaries by incorporating global influences.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Live | World Premiere

ÈBONY brings their genre-defying sound to MUTEK with the world premiere of their album Union. Known for blending Detroit techno and Chicago house with South African melodies, their live set promises an evocative exploration of global rhythms and deep cultural narratives, resonating with the contemporary Black experience. Their creative process involves a thoughtful fusion of diverse musical traditions and an avant-garde approach to electronic music.


ÈBONY is a duo made up of artists Jordan Gardner and R-ODERICK, two DJs firmly rooted in the Toronto electronic scene.

Group Members

Jordan Gardner & R-ODERICK