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Shackleton is one of the most influential and persistent figures of the most restless and discovering bass music culture. A true polymath. His sound, as singular and charged as it is hypnotic, psychedelic and industrial, permeates a number of projects -both his own and others- and, more recently, collaborations with live bands, thus adding new and broader registers and greater weight to his great repertoire.

It all began with the founding of the Skull Disco label, an ephemeral adventure that he undertook together with Appleblim and which led to the release of 10 albums. The year was 2009. Since then, he has made stellar appearances, always zigzagging in increasingly adventurous and risky musical directions. He has been perfecting a musical lexicon that features his usual subtle serialist motifs, dazzling rhythmic tessellations and irrefutable post-industrial basslines. The result are sonic atmospheres whose authorship is always recognisable. Resident Advisor speaks of his work as "ritualistic music from another dimension", while Pitchfork calls him "an experimental composer rather than a dance music producer" and states that he "shares a spectrum with British masters such as Nurse With Wound and Coil".

Upcoming performances

Barcelona 2022


Having collaborated with prestigious vocalists such as Anika and Ernesto Tomasini on his latest albums, Shackleton announced two new live shows in 2019, which would run parallel to his ongoing and increasingly selective club activity. After the break forced by the pandemic, MUTEK Barcelona will have the privilege of presenting Shackleton's latest sound arsenal in its 13th edition.


Skull Disco