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Chloe Alexandra ThompsonCA/US

Chloe Alexandra Thompson<sup>CA/US</sup>
Chloe Alexandra Thompson

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Chloe Alexandra Thompson's sonic minimalism envelopes listeners into a state of equilibrium and fills rooms with its discrete frequencies—a spatial sound art composed using Pure Data software, an array of hardware and her own voice.

Focused on live performance, Thompson engineers a multi-channel interplay of psycho-acoustics, live processed field recordings and isolated frequencies to produce felt effects on the body. Fascinated by digital technology's seemingly endless possibilities for sound experimentation, Thompson routinely collaborates with other artists to explore new avenues for electronic creation. Thompson is currently Director of Technology at Portland media arts centre Open Signal. Matthew Edwards melds installation art, music production, film, performance art and virtual reality in his work. He founded DIY performance venue Xhurch, an integral part of Portland's experimental art-music community, co-directed the M.A.S.S. music and performance series and founded artist-run Portland Immersive Media Group and multimedia environment Liminal Passage to explore the creative potential of virtual reality and other experiential art forms. Edwards is developing an Immersive Media program at Portland media arts centre Open Signal and teaches about Virtual and Augmented Realities at Portland Community College's STEAM Spaces.

In their performance of Morié at MUTEK, Thompson's multi-channel sound spatialization meets Edwards's immersive, live-rendered 3D visual backdrop to create a bridge between audience and performers, displacing reality in their alchemy.

Appears as part of Amplify.
Amplify is led by the British Council, MUTEK and Somerset House Studios, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.


Morié (2019)


When Thompson performed her work Morié as a subwoofer-only composition at Portland's Variform Gallery, she used synthesis to tune the piece to over 120DB, effectively turning dishes in the kitchen into snare drums and popping balloons with bass