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Carla SanguinetiAR

Carla Sanguineti<sup>AR</sup>
Carla Sanguineti

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Producer, audiovisual producer and music curator based in Buenos Aires Argentina. With experience in the world of cinema and advertising, she fully entered the musical world with her project SONIDO AMBIENTE, a one-shot music video series that selected the most interesting emerging Argentine music between 2009 and 2014. She worked as a curator and producer in various public and private cultural institutions in his country. (Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Festival BUE 2017, among others) He directs the PUENTE platform producing live music events, in addition to taking the global booking of the most outstanding Argentine digital folklore artists: Villa Diamante, Kaleema, Uji, Tremor and King Coya & Queen Cholas among others. Further. Together with Villa Diamante this year he generated the curatorship of the compilation FLORA Y FAUNA that brings together the best of that sound at a national level.

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