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Jacques GreeneCA/QC

Jacques Greene<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Jacques Greene

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Jacques Greene has laid out a promising template for an energetic blend of UK garage and affected female vocals within the kind emo-dubstep terrain first staked out by Burial and later pursued by labels like Hessle Audio and acts like Pangaea and Ramadanman. Along with other LuckyMe acolytes such as Lunice and Ango – with whom the producer also shared the stage at Red Bull Music Academy events – Greene belongs to a generation of Montreal electronic musicians who has looked right past techno to hip-hop and the UK for influences.

At age 29 and after nine years of making music, Jacques Greene is more interested in the evolution of this genre of music and how it transforms itself in contact with software, fashion, the Internet, pop and RnB.

Greene is back with a new release following his debut album "Feel Infinite" released in 2017 - an album that seduced the audience with many praises and imitations. "Fever Focus" is a new 6-track EP , spread over 2 vinyls, mixing house and techno, analog and digital, all imbued with an increased melodic sensitivity.