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Tarik Omar x SukatoyoSA/AE+PH/AE

Tarik Omar x Sukatoyo<sup>SA/AE+PH/AE</sup>
Tarik Omar x Sukatoyo

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Tarik Omar, a musician since the age of 9, plays a variety of instruments, found his true musical love in the electronic world, the open capabilities of the computer and the synthesizer have pushed him to experiment more and focus on creation. Tarik is constantly finding ways he can use technology to explore new ways to present ideas and experiences to others. His current show is a hybrid live/dj set that blends live electronic elements with Djing.

Jordan Cortez is a Filipino music producer, selector, and urban artist. He usually goes by 199X when performing live with his own beats and when DJing. He also has an experimental new-age music project named Sukatoyo. In some cases, he goes by his real name when he does casual DJ sets. When he moved to Dubai and immersed himself in the city’s budding underground music scene as a prolific beatmaker he brought something the Dubai underground hadn’t come upon before.

Upcoming performances

Dubai 2024

A collaborative soundscape by Tarik Omar and Sukatoyo, merging ambient music with elements of spoken word and field recordings. This composition is an auditory exploration into the essence of texture and memory, inspired by the duo's travels and the diverse landscapes of the UAE. The visuals accompanying the music feature video captures of these journeys, highlighting the natural and urban beauty of the region. Through this artistic endeavor, listeners and viewers alike are invited on a reflective voyage that delves into the nuanced interplay between sound and sight, offering a meditative experience that transcends conventional music and visual art boundaries.