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Berenice LlorensAR

Berenice Llorens<sup>AR</sup>
Berenice Llorens

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Berenice Llorens is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and DJ from Córdoba, Argentina.
In her work she studies composition based on free improvisation and sound experimentation. Focused on deep listening and nature, her research is based on composing in a free and intuitive way, at the margin of genre classifications. She develops and dialogues with various artistic expressions such as poetry, drawing and video art. Her solo experimental electronic music project launched in 2017 encompasses formats such as performances, DJ sets, electronic music, improvisations, and sound and audiovisual works that oscillate between minimal, techno, break and experimental. Her latest work was published by the Argentine label Kriptonîa. She has participated in festivals such as Earth Days Arts Model, Now Net Arts and her music has resonated in Berlin, England and Switzerland.

At the academy she studied piano, music composition (UNC) and graphic design. Berenice also trained independently in audio programming and post-production. She is currently participating in Artlab art residencies in collaboration with the British Council's Amplify D.A.I program.