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Airhaert is a multi-instrumentalist musician, music producer, DJ and visual artist based in Montréal. Her practice merges ambient cinematic soundscapes, electronic dance grooves, acoustic instruments and visual art.
Airhaert creates enthralling breakbeat compositions that incorporate elements of neo-trance and house/techno, drawing inspiration from artists such as Moby and Air, specifically their atmospheric arrangements. She is equally inspired by Eartheater’s ethereal vocals and Grimes’ multi-layered and complex compositions, as well as her drum rhythms. The breakbeat patterns of Portishead and Goldie are also among Airhaert’s musical inspirations. Her compositions induce a trance-like sensation through vocal soundscapes, creating the atmospheric experience she seeks to convey.


Montréal-based Airhaert is a musician, producer, DJ and visual artist.


Healing Energy Research Recordings


i . i (2023)


Airhaert’s creates works based on the principles of grounding and themes of healing, reflecting her belief in the therapeutic power of rave music.