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Credit: Sean Vadaru

Maxime Gordon, known professionally as Bénédicte, is a Toronto-born, Montréal-based music producer and sound artist. Her project, launched in 2015, features an experimental approach that weaves distorted field recordings, glittering vocal samples, and soaring synths to craft horizons that delve into introspection and emotional resonance. Bénédicte's distinctive approach is partly inspired by her internship at Budapest's 4DSOUND, where she developed a keen interest in spatial sound dynamics. This experience informs her creative process, allowing her to explore the boundaries between the mind and audio through innovative experiences.
Her recent works, including the EP When It Binds, released in 2021 under New York's Blueberry Records, reflect her fascination with the interplay of natural and synthesized sounds. Currently, Bénédicte is developing a new album and engaging with the local community through soundwalks in Montréal, demonstrating her commitment to connect with people in meaningful ways.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Bénédicte CA/QC

Bénédicte blends in her electronic compositions distorted field recordings, ethereal vocal samples, and dynamic synths. At MUTEK, Bénédicte will deliver a live set that juxtaposes ambient soundscapes with intense, glitched rhythms, showcasing her unique ability to translate complex emotional themes into captivating experiences.


Bénédicte is a Montréal-based producer and sound artist from Toronto.


Bénédicte got into music in a completely self-taught fashion, honing her skills via platforms like tumblr and YouTube.